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About Quran
The Holy Book of Islam, the Qur'an, is not the work of a man, nor it is the collected thoughts or opinions of wise men through the ages. It is the "Word of the Almighty God(ALLAH)", the Creator, The Lord of the universe. It is the perfect revelation to mankind.Though called and treated as a book, the Qur'an is not a book in the ordinary sense of the word. It is neither a treatise nor a dissertation on a particular theme;nor it is a book on religion.

Its overall style and organisation of the matter basically differ from the other religious scriptures. It is unique, the only one of its kind in the whole world.


The subject matter of the Qur'an is "man" (human beings) and it discusses those aspects of his life which lead to his REAL success or failure. The central theme that runs through the Qur'an is the exposition of "Reality" with the aim of inviting human beings to the Right Path. Its purpose is not simply to inform or to convince but to mould and transform. As such, it tries simultaneously to inform, to persuade, to convince and to motivate and mobilize men and woman to fulfil their mission in life.

God, after creating the human race, has not just left them without any direction. If the loving Creator has provided air, water and food for physical existence and growth, He has also provided guidance for the moral, social and spiritual existence and development. The Qur'an is but Divine Guidance to mankind - guidance in the widest sense of the world.

O! Mankind surely to you has come the sermon (message/rememberance), which is healing for the diseases of the Heart, and is the guidance and blessing for the Believers (10:57)

How can anyone know for sure what is the "Reality"? How can anyone have the unquestionable knowledge of the ultimate values to which human behaviour should confirm? Certainly not through the instinct, habit, intuition, reason or experience and not through the resources of guidance developed by man himself through the ages (mythology, philosophy, science, history, law etc.) which are too subjective and too limited, and are misleading. Divine Guidance is the greatest human need.

Surely the judgement (deen) in Allah's sight is Islam (Allah's Islam), But those who were given the book strayed away and repelled after the knowledge had come to them out of enimity, and whoever doesn't believe in His Ayyats ...then Allah is the strickest judge (3:19)

   is totally and purely the "Word of God". It does not contain anything other than the "Word of God", not even a word of the Prophet. (The sayings of the Prophet, called Hadith, are compiled as separate books). The Scripture itself claims that it is undoubtedly from God Almighty.
   has the language and style that cannot be imitated by human beings. It has stood as a challenge to the literary ability of mere mortals. It is a living miracle revealed to the unlettered Prophet.
   is present today in a living language and is independet of translations. Its language, Arabic, is still widely spoken and understood today. In fact, the Qur'an has kept the language alive and remains its source of inspiration. The original clear Arabic text can always be referred to for any controversy.
   has been preserved in its exact original form as it was revealed to the Prophet about fourteen hundred years ago, not a word added or removed. This is a historical fact beyond any doubt. Millions of Muslims, the world over, know its text by heart. So there has been only one version of the Qur'an all over the world, all through the ages, right from the time of the Prophet.
   has always been in the hands of the people and was never a property of clergy or a section of the society.

Every discipline has its own demands. So has the Qur'an. Anyone who wants to really understand the message of the Qur'an, whether he actually belives in the Book or not, will be able to get the best results if he approaches it:
with an open mind, putting aside all the pre-conceived notions,
bearing in mind the nature of this Book and its uniqueness, and in a spirit of reverence, and not with casual treatment given to any ordinary book.
This is Holy Book and it is to be handled with respect. The reader should be clean in his person and place of sitting and he sould never put it in a unclean place.

This is the Book; In it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who are God-conscious. (2:2)
This Qur'an will guide to that which is most upright, and promises the belivers who do good works, a rich reward; And threatens those who belive not in the Herafter, with a grievous penalty. (17:9,10)
So, Don't the people Ponder in the Qur'an, Or do they have locks on their Hearts. (47:24)
Don't hasten (in reading) with your tongue, with this (the Book)
Surely to compile (in our hearts) and to teach is our responsibility (Allah's)
So, whenever we read it, follow what is being read
Then surely it's our responsibility to make it clear to you   (75:16-19)