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How to read Quran

I seek Allah's protection from Satan the rejected one.

The Author of THE BOOK (QURAN) is Allah and in this mail we will learn What Allah is telling our prophet Muhammad PBUH and us about “How to read the Quran”.

First and the foremost rule is in 16:98 to 100

98. When thou dost read the Qur'an seek Allah's protection from Satan the rejected one.
99.  No authority has he over those who believe and put their trust in their Lord.
100. His authority is over those only who take him as patron and who join partners with Allah.

So whenever we are reading the Book of Allah we should seek protection Allah from the Satan.


This is 75:16 to 19

16. Do not move your tongue with it to make haste with it,
17. Surely on Us (devolves) the collecting of it and the reciting of it.
18. Therefore when We have recited it, follow its recitation.
19. Again on Us (devolves) the explaining of it.

So dear readers we should not try to read the Quran quickly and we should follow what we recites and then Allah will also explain the message to us.

Now Does Allah teaches the Quran? 55: 1 - 4

1. (Allah) Most Gracious!
2. It is He Who has taught the Qur'an.
3. He has created man:
4. He has taught him how to express

Dear brother/sisters whenever Allah becomes ALREHMAN for someone HE start giving him the knowledge of Quran because Allah is the creator of mankind.


This was revealed to Prophet Muhamad PBUH and in his sunnat and as reader we have to follow the same

1. O you who have wrapped up in your garments!
2. Stand (to pray) by night but not all night
3. Half of it, or lessen it a little,
4. Or add to it, and recite the Quran as it ought to be recited. (See 75:16-19 for how it should be recited)
5. Surely We will make to light upon you a weighty Word.
6. Surely the rising by night is the firmest way to tread and the best corrective of speech.
7. True there is for thee by day prolonged occupation with ordinary duties:
8. And remember the name of your Lord and devote yourself to Him with (exclusive) devotion.
9. The Lord of the East and the West-- there is no god but He-- therefore take Him for a protector.
10. And bear patiently what they say and avoid them with a becoming avoidance.